Armenian psychologist: «Armenia needs authoritarianism»

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“Armenia will become a democratic state as soon as its judicial system gains independence,”- the Chairman of the Civil Society Institute of Armenia Artak Kirakosyan said at a press conference in Yerevan.

According to him, a six-year imprisonment of an oppositionist from the Armenian National Congress, the unsolved murder of March 1, 2008, the lack of compensation to the bereaved families and other negative phenomena suggest that democracy in Armenia is out of the question.

According to Kirakosyan, the judicial system has exposed its inefficiency empty in case “March 1’. “The judicial investigation is a serious problem for the Armenian people,” — said Kirakosyan.

Another participant in the conference, the psychologist Karine Nalchajyan expressed confidence that today the people of Armenia does not need democracy. “Armenians need authoritarian government, as they have much more confidence in people with tight wallets. But authoritarianism in power should also be in moderation,” — said a psychologist, adding that the democratic leader seems weak and unreliable to the Armenian society.

“When we compare our attitude to the national values with European ones in our mind, we see that they are incompatible. Democracy in the country is moving with difficulty. Armenia is a specific country, and we need our own approach, a unique model. Anyway, we need stability, primarily economic, to establish democracy in Armenia. Many issues, one way or another, run into the economy,”- the psychologist assured, also noting an important role of industrialization in this matter.

The most important task for the Armenians is its strengthening, psychologist believes, and thus, “only those with an independent mind and comprehensive knowledge should run for the power”.