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Israel: Netanyahu visits Azerbaijan

Benjamin Netanyahu

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Benjamin NetanyahuRelations between Israel and Azerbaijan are in large part friendly rather than diplomatic or political, he said, noting that there is close dialogue between the two countries.

“We have lots of Israelis living here who are originally from Azerbaijan. They play the role of bridge between the two nations,” he added.

Israel and Azerbaijan enjoy good political relations, Nahshon said.

“Energy issues over which we’re holding close dialogue are vital for both countries. Another key issue is about regional security since both countries live in a potentially dangerous and unstable region,” the spokesperson added.

He stressed that the Jewish community in Azerbaijan has always felt in their home.

“Even those Jews who have moved to Israel from Azerbaijan have spoken highly of Azerbaijan. The conditions created for Azerbaijan’s Jewish community are indicative of how tolerant a country you have. This strengthens our ties further,” Nahshon said.

Emmanuel Nahshon said there is a strong mutual will to develop bilateral ties in areas such as economy, tourism, etc. He added that Israel is looking forward to opening the Azerbaijani embassy in the country. “This would have positive effect on our already good and strong relations.”

With regard to the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the spokesperson stressed that Israel hopes for a peaceful solution to the conflict in the near future.