Azerbaijan passes global crisis test


For the last few years, the Azerbaijan government has implemented wide-ranging reforms to improve economic sustainability. The result of the macroeconomic reforms has been a more than threefold growth in the economy. On the backdrop of ongoing tense situation in the world, 2010, as in previous … [Read more...]

Karabakh community urges to inform world about child killing

qarabagin azerbaycanli icmasi

'It is a positive step that the co-chairs visited the family of the child killed by Armenian servicemen on the frontline. But the co-chairs should not confine themselves to this, they should inform the world community about the savagery committed by the Armenian side,' Bayram Safarov, head of … [Read more...]

The documentary “Truth about the lies” (video)

Armenian terrorism

The documentary “Truth about the lies” tells the story of terrorist activity of various Armenian bands and guerilla organizations which existed throughout the 20th century and have committed numerous acts of violence against ethnic Azerbaijanis and other peoples in the region. The film presents … [Read more...]

Natig Rhythm Group in USA (photos and video)


25 march  Washington's refurbished (with historical correctness made possible and inspired by the cultural re-invention of the nation's capital beginning in the 1980s) Lincoln Theatre, was the venue for an extraordinary double-barreled concert of Azerbaijani music. The theatre, opened first in … [Read more...]


Fariz Badalov

The international community has expressed outrage over the tragic cold-blooded killing of a young boy by Armenian sniper fire in the village of Orta Garvand in Azerbaijan’s Agdam District. Fariz Badalov, aged 9 years, received a bullet wound to the head as he played outside his house on 8 March. … [Read more...]

Armenian attack on the United States


By Yusif Babanli, Co-founder of US Azeris Network and board member of Azerbaijani American Council. Armenia attacking the United States? Well, not quite. At least, not directly. However, the actions undertaken by the Armenian leadership have caused a direct physical attack on American troops … [Read more...]

Azerbaijani civilians massacred in Garadaghli (film)

Garadaghli Massacre

The documentary film features the chronology of the creation and activities of several Armenian terrorist groups and gangs throughout the 20th century, which were carrying out their atrocities against Azerbaijani. … [Read more...]

Genocide in Khojaly

Genocide in Khojaly

613 Khojaly civilians killed, 487 were wounded (76 of them are children), 1275 were captured during the genocide committed by Armenians. 19 years have passed since Armenians committed genocide in Khojaly town of Azerbaijan. Armenian armed forces, with the help of the 366th Motorized Rifle Regiment … [Read more...]