Book “My Brother’s Road” author: Markar Melkonyan

My Brother’s Road

My Brother’s Road

My Brother’s Road

Let us present to you a book written by Markar Melkonyan, brother of the notorious Armenian terrorist Monte Melkonyan.

Some people in Armenia and beyond its borders persistently claim even nowadays, that this book does not exist and it’s a complete fiction. Nonetheless, the book exists and is freely available. It was first published in 2005 and then in 2007. The terrorist’s wife also took part in writing the book. They try in vain to shield Monte from those heinous crimes he committed, but an attempt to defend Monte and pass him for such a “romantic” or even a “humanist” was an ignominious failure. With this impulse they unwillingly lift the veil from odious crimes of other Armenian “activists” and “heroes”.

Some extracts:

«When Monte and some members of his gang were descending the snowy slope from the Armenian settlement Naghorti towards neighboring Karadaghly, Armenian villagers started shouting at them. The gang stopped to argue with them. The peasants explained – the assault of Karadaghly will lead to hostilities at Naghorti. Go away. We dont want any war here”. Monte replied it was too late for any sentiments, and they were already involved in the war”. The author further writes about taking of Karadaghly and the captives, including women and civilians, killed by Arabo and Aramo fighters. “Arabo and Aramo fighters showed thirty-eight captives~ including several women and other noncombatants, into a ditch on the outskirts of the village. One of the captives in the ditch pulled the pin from a grenade concealed under a bandaged hand and tossed it, taking off the lower leg of one of his captor, a recent Patriotic Detachment recruit named Levon. The Arabo and Aramo fighters there had already been hankering to “avenge” the death of another comrade the day before, so as soon as the grenade had gone off they began stabbing and shooting their captives, until every last one was dead. Shram Edo, one of the five Patriotic Detachment “boys” from Ashdarak, had joined in too, dousing several wounded soldiers with gasoline and tossing a match to burn them alive. By the time Monte came across the ditch on the outskirts of town it was a butcher’s scrap heap.”   

 About Khodjaly

From left to right: Author Markar Melkonyan signing his new book «My Brother’s Road: An American’s Fateful Journey to Armenia», Jim Llanas, Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Lisa Melkonyan.
From left to right: Author Markar Melkonyan signing his new book «My Brother’s Road: An American’s Fateful Journey to Armenia», Jim Llanas, Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Lisa Melkonyan.

At about 11:00 p.m. the night before, some 2,000 Armenian fighters had advanced through the high grass on three sides of Khojalu, forcing the residents out through the open side to the east. By the morning of February 26, the refugees had made it to the eastern cusp of Mountainous Karabagh and had begun working their way downhill, toward safety in the Azeri city of Agdam, about six miles away. There, in the hillocks and withinsight of safety, Mountainous Karabagh soldiers had chased them down. “They just shot and shot and shot,” a refugee woman Raisha Aslanova, testified to a Human Rights Watch investigator. The Arabo fighters had then unsheathed the knives they had carried on their hips for so long, and began stabbing. Now, the only sound was the wind whistling through dry grass, a wind that was too early yet to blow away the stench of corpses. Monte had arrived in Martuni twenty-two days earlier, and since then he had staggered across two killing fields soaked with the fresh blood of captives and unarmed peasants (here meaning Karadaghly and Khodjaly). 

 “In November 1990, Kechel had kidnapped a young Azerbaijani Popular Front activist from a village across the border. The young Azeri, Syed, spent a month chained to the wall of a cottage near Yerevan. On New Year’s Eve 1991, Kechel and a couple of buddies, including a local police officer and their friend Ardag, dragged their captive to the top of Yeraplur, the burial hill near Yerevan. There they kicked Syed to his knees under a spreading tree next to the grave of a fellow fighter named Haroot. Then Kechel, a father of three children, began cutting Syed’s throat with a dull knife. At first Syed screamed, but after a while the screaming gave way to moaning and gurgling. Finally, when Ardag could no longer listen, he pushed a knife into Syed’s chest, putting an end to it. They drained Syed’s blood on top of Haroot’s grave and then left.”

Funeral of Monte Melkonyan killed by an Azerbaijani soldier Ibad Guseynov
Funeral of Monte Melkonyan killed by an Azerbaijani soldier Ibad Guseynov

Thomas Goltz: “The book by an Armenian author about Khodjaly hurt me much.”

«The book by an Armenian from California about his brother’s deeds at Khodjaly, hurt me much.” An expert on the Caucasus region, a well-known journalist Thomas Goltz told at the event in London dedicated to the 16th anniversary of the Khodjaly tragedy.

“I ordered the book from an Armenian website. I couldn’t make myself open it for a whole month. But anyway, I read it. My Brother’s Road” – the book by an Armenian author about Khodjaly hurt me much. Its author, Markar Melkonyan told about the “heroism” of his brother Monte, who coordinated the carnage at Khodjaly. A man who killed a great number of innocent people, a member of “ASALA” involved in the terror acts against Turkish diplomats, was elevated to the status of a hero, that his brother was proud of”, – Goltz said. Thomas Goltz, a journalist, a professor at the Montana State University (US) is an author of the “Azerbaijan Diary” dedicated to the first period of the Republic of Azerbaijan after gaining independence. Afterwards, he wrote “Chechnya Diary” and “Georgia Diary”.

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